North Gong Pub




Check out this sweet spot near north gong  station for a cheap feed everyday of the week. Exceptional pub grub and a good range of beer on tap. This is best place to hang in summer with a cold bevie in the beer garden while listening to a local band or dj. There’s also a big screen outside for all the sports fans.

Located at 3 Flinders St, Wollongong.

Opening Hours

Sunday 10am – 10pm 

Monday – Saturday 10am – 12am



Little Prince Specials!

I know all you poor students are living on a budget but Im sure you’ve always got enough cash for a good feed and cheap drinks.

The Little Prince

Located in Globe lane, Wollongong near the mall. This intimate venue may be small in size but has a big drinks menu and even bigger personality. The quirky bartenders make some of the best cocktails around. Cant pass up their tasty pizzas either. Visit during happy hour for cheap food and drinks.

Happy Hour…
The Happiest Time Of All
Wednesday & Thursday
Friday & Saturday
Every Friday and Saturday at 8pm we have DJs spinning some old school vinyl – who wouldn’t enjoy that?
For the latest details about live music and DJs at The Little Prince, please visit In Spite Of The Weather at

Opening Hours:
Wednesday4pm-Midnight Thursday 4pm-Midnight
Friday  4pm-Midnight
Saturday  4pm-MidnightImage

North Beach

The best way to describe North Wollongong beach a.k.a ‘North’, would be to say that it is the classier, more upmarket beach front of the immediate Wollongong area. Classy and Wollongong in the same sentence? Hear me out. The North Beach area is popular among those early morning risers, brunchers, midday sunbakers, fitness enthusiasts and generally people who want to be ‘seen(scene)’.

(North Beach shot from the southern end)

Located slightly north of South Beach (who’d have thought it?) and the Wollongong Continental Pools you will find a patch of sand that is raked by tractor daily. However, before you even set foot on the sand, North Beach is host to a few locally well-known cafes and restaurants, including Northbeach Pavillion Restaurant, North Kiosk  and Diggies (for the ‘upmarket bruncher’, expect to pay in excess of 50 big ones for a romantic, light, bite to eat between two people). The North Wollongong Surf Lifesaving Club are at hand when down on the sand or frolicking by the waters edge to ensure your safety at all times.

Generally the red and yellow flags, when up, are located at the Southern end of the beach, where majority of people congregate, leaving a large portion to the north of the beach bare and ready for use. However, as the beach faces and is open to the north and majority of the east, it has little wind protection from north-easterly wind, which is common in the warmer periods of the year.

For surf, North Beach has two main spots located at the north and south end of the beach. ‘The Bowl’ a punchy left and right wedge at the northern end requires a decent north-easterly swell and it’s bank (when good) can handle conditions between 1 and around 5 feet. Just watch out for the North locals, they can be a little ‘fierce’. On it’s worst day localism at North can run high, generally the threats stay as just that, however there has been more than one occasion I’ve seen someone lose there cool in the water out the Bowl. I guess it just depends on how the ‘roids’ have effected his testosterone levels.

‘The Alley’ a once consistent right-hander located at the southern end of the beach doesn’t really break the way it did before the harbour’s break wall was built. It requires a decent/chunky south-east swell, however I can count on one hand the amount of times I’ve had an enjoying surf out there. The place just doesn’t really work.

Check out North. Strip off, get wet, who knows you might even like it.

South (City) Beach

City Beach, South Beach or ‘South’ as it’s commonly known is located in the heart of Wollongong. I know what you must being thinking, ‘why are you bothering to mention South?’. Ok, so yes the place does have it’s flaws, eroding sand dunes, ‘twelvies’, mediocre (at best) surf, Coal, Steel and Sewage works pollution, Camden locals and a serious litter problem, but when the sun’s setting and the sky turns into that soft reddy-pinky-purply… ahhh… here i’ll just show you.


This is South in all her glory. This shot was taken on the last day of winter and as you can see the surf is pretty flat (not uncommon).

For surf, South wouldn’t normally be your pick of the bunch, however on a large north-easterly swell you will expect to find the occasional left-hander grinding off the point. Protected slightly from the north-east winds, South will be the immediate Wollongong locals and many other’s go to spot for a summer wave. On these days your patience will be truly tested as you do battle with the other 500 people in the water, competing for one meagre little peak. All to have your hopes of a fun surf splashed away as you watch the locals carve up the line up, taking the best waves of the sets and the proceeding to paddle straight back up the inside to the head of the pack, showing off an arrogance that could only be achieved through 20 years of surfing this shitty break.

In saying all of that, it is a typical family beach, which hosts a range of cultures and ethnicities on any given day. From between early Spring until late Autumn, South is patrolled by the Wollongong City Surf Life Saving Club and is generally a safe place to have a frolic in the ocean.

As I started to mention before, South does some beauty. She doesn’t always show it off, you just have to catch her at the right time.

More (Awesome) Exercising Options

You there with the very short attention span! Want to stay interested and entertained in your workout? Or just looking for a fun study break? We’ve got some ideas for you to keep you moving in Wollongong that are a lot more fun than running on a treadmill.


Hangdog Climbing Gym is dedicated to rock and boulder climbing for all experience levels. Cost is $17 for students entry and harness hire, but you can come and go during the day as your entry stays valid all day. They also schedule outdoor rock climbs if you’re feeling a bit more outdoorsy. Like their Facebook page, these guys are super helpful and post when large groups are booked so you can plan your visit accordingly.

Located: 130 Auburn Street, Wollongong

Circus Classes

Circus Monoxide is Wollongong’s resident circus school, so if your degree isn’t working out for you, or you just want a couple of party tricks up your sleeve, then get interested in this.They have a number of adult classes including Circus Fit, Flexibility & Contortion, Aerial, Tumbling and Juggling/Object Manipulation. Their timetable is updated for each term, enrolling in a class for approx 2 months. Ok, bad news is its a bit pricey. Talking about $200 per term, depending what class you pick. Buuuut, come one, you know you’ve always secretly wanted to! You can trial an adult class (once) for around $20-25, but there are also early bird discounts you can get around if you’re organised. Just remember to check out their availability in each class, because it uses enrolments and they can sell out.

Located: 3/3 Princes Highway, Fairy Meadow

Pole Dancing Classes

Pole dancing classes are great for girls wanting to improve fitness (why hello core strength i never had before!), and self-esteem as well. Princess MEME’s Pole School focuses on positive self-image during all the classes, and upholds a strict, no judgement policy. They run beginner up to advanced classes in their 3 level warehouse, as well as stretch and flexibility classes. A 6 week course will set you back $150, and they have classes Monday- Saturday. Poledancing is a great way to build up fitness and confidence girls!

Located: 20 Young Street, Wollongong

COMING SOON!!! Trampolining Gym

Hangtime Trampoline Park is a new venture by the guys at Hangdog Climbing Gym. Visualise an big arse room fill with trampolines everywhere to practice you backflips, front flips, aerial high-5’s etc. The anticipated opening time was November 2013, and they’re currently in the midst of a recruitment drive, so it looks like its going to be here soon. Prices are unknown for the moment, but you can bet they’ll have some grand opening discounts and hopefully student deals like Hangdog did. Just keep your eyes peeled guys!

Location: Lot 2, Masters Road, Wollongong

Living the sweet life…

I really enjoy a place that just serves dessert. None of this wasting time with dinner, you just get down the best part. Here are some picks if you want dessert for every meal of the day…

Clique Brothers- Yoghurt with Friends $

NEWLY OPENED- Free frozen yoghurt Fri 4th Oct & Sat 5th October, just be a pal and make donation to help them help beyondblue.

This place might become my new favourite, because not only does it have a social conscience by supporting this charity, its also self serve frozen yoghurt. Just grab one of the cute as cups and go for gold with their variety of flavours and toppings. Had the red velvet with chocolate today and it was so delicious.


Located: 1/78 Market Street, Wollongong

Yogalicious- Natural Frozen Yoghurt $

Pick one (or more) of the fro-yo flavours of the day (original, refreshing fruit flavours or something sweet, like cheesecake or nutella). Pick a couple of toppings on top, or buy a take-home pack! They’re happy to let you taste test the flavours as well, so don’t be afraid to ask. Also:


Located 166 Keira Street, Wollongong

Sugar Cube $-$$

Sugar Cube is practically a Wollongong waffle institution! They’ve just moved to a brand new location as well, with plenty of inside and outside seating. At the lower end of the price spectrum, there are takeaway waffles for under $5, or adorable waffle pops for $3. If you want the full experience, its about $12-$13 for waffles + topping + ice-cream/whipped cream. Plus, they stay open till 10pm (11pm Fri & Sat night).

waffles sugart-cube-belgian-waffle

Located: Shop 2, 63-65 Crown Street, Wollongong

Cold Rock Ice Creamery $

Most of you are going to be familiar with the Cold Rock concept already, but all the more reason to visit and possibly change the world with a crazy new ice cream and mix-in combination. Or, get a take home pack. Or a sundae. Summer time is perfect for ice cream either way.

Located: 3/22 Market Street, Wollongong

San Churro Chocolateria $$


Argh churros, and some damn good Spanish-style hot chocolate. There’s nothing wrong with a little donut dipping in some chocolate. There’s also some delicious sundaes, and the summer menu ought to be out real soon, so it’s great for any season.

Located: Shop 2, Globe Lane, Wollongong

Max Brenner $$

These guys are like wizards with chocolate. Make the trip out to Shellharbour for maybe some chocolate dipped strawberries, or fondue for two (which as much as you think “I could eat that myself”, best not to try). Comes with banana bread, strawberries, marshmallows and gummy bears! Plus, splitting the cost with a friend ain’t too bad


Located: Stockland Shopping Centre, Lake Entrance Road, Shellharbour

So there you have it, more than a couple of delicious choices to satisfy any magnificent dessert cravings you may have. Enjoy!

Biggest Burger in Wollongong?

If you’re looking for the biggest and best burgers in Wollongong, you definitely need to try Fishnets Takeaway in Towradgi (original) and also Fairy Meadow. We’ve seen grown men cry as they try and face down these almighty burgers. A burger with the lot is less than $10, and you won’t need to eat for a week after.

However, if it’s a burger challenge of epic proportions that you’re after, then you want the mammoth burger. Comes bursting out of a full size cake box. More meat than one animal could possibly produce (there’s also a vego option! Hoorah!) These novelty sized burgers are good for party time, and are only (approx) $30



Fishnets Takeaway is located 114 Pioneer Road, Towradgi.

Wollongong’s Best Burrito?

When at the beach this summer, one of the hardest decisions you’ll have to make will be: “What do I get for lunch?”. We’d like to suggest ‘Zambrero’.


Located on Crown Street (exact location) just a short walk from the beach. Zambrero serves quality cheap Mexican food with a wide range of dishes to choose from, most of which are gluten free. You can check out the menu here.

Go check it out! Let us know what you think!

Gyms Memberships Are For Rich People…

…And we’re all poor uni students. But fear not, exercise alternatives are abundant in Wollongong. Spring is the best time for getting back into it, the weather is good and having Summer is sight is always a good incentive. So here are some good ideas for free/once off costs, exercise ideas you might enjoy!


Its a great time to get outside and get some exercise while the sun is out and it’s not too hot. Living and studying in Wollongong, you’ve also got the advantage of fantastic views along the way. The Wollongong to Thirroul Shared Track is a popular route for joggers, bikers and skaters because of its relatively gentle intensity and ocean views. Shared Path Map

The section between WIN Stadium and Wollongong Harbour (Levendi Cafe) also have free to use, outdoor workout equipment. The section between the Harbour and Stuart Park is known as “Peace Mile”, it goes along a cliff cutout for great views of the rock pools.

The path bypasses Flagstaff Hill Park (AKA the big lighthouse), but make sure you head up towards it for a scenic breather

Flagstaff Hill Park

Other Running Ideas:

I’ll chuck up some more exercise ideas unique to the area soon!